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For many young adults, a productive college career can be the foundation for lifelong success. There will be no greater contributor to your student’s academic success than the environment in which they live. At College Town Tempe, we offer best-in-class accommodations in an environment conducive to academic achievement and well-being.


At College Town Tempe we are there for you. We have onsite managers along with 24 hour maintenance staff in case of emergencies. While many local properties have absentee landlords and substandard maintenance programs, at College Town Tempe, our staff is proactive and responsive to any maintenance concerns your student may have. All work orders are processed within 24 hours while comfort and life safety work orders are given immediate attention.


Sarah Zaferis - Community Manger
Jared Boren - Leasing and Marketing Team Leader
Jose Cue - Maintenance Supervisor
Sandra Bennett - Bookkeeper


By signing an individual lease for your student, you are only responsible for the rent of your student. You have no liability for the rent of the other apartment residents - one less thing for you to worry about. If a roommate transfers or graduates, you have nothing to worry about. You are not liable for the other roommates’ rent! This is a significant advantage over the joint and several leases used at rental houses and other apartment properties where each parent is liable for the rent of all residents in the unit. In those communities, when a roommate leaves school – you are liable for their rent. Not at College Town Tempe - just another way we give you peace of mind.


We provide a premier Residence Life program, which offers a variety of educational, recreational and social activities. By promoting students' scholastic achievement and social development, we facilitate personal growth and well being while reinforcing the mission of the university. Programs may include activities such as: Alcohol Awareness, Resume Building, Intramural Sports, community participation in campus wide competitions and many more.


As a resident at one of our communities your student and their guarantor will have access to resident services. You or your student can pay rent online via credit or debit card, set up monthly auto payments, update contact information, submit a maintenance request, and learn about upcoming events at the community.


With our unique design you only need to make one payment. That covers water, sewer, trash, electric, 150 channel cable package, internet, and your rent! Whew! That’s a lot!